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Blackmans Bay Tas  Australia,  April 2002


In this book you will find a family tree and particulars of the
SPAANDER  family.
It is compiled from information, which until approx 1980 was gathered by three SPAANDERS, namely, in order of their age, 

KLAAS CORNELIS (Nico) Spaander born 20 December 1882
PIETER  Spaander born 21 September 1910
GERRIT  Spaander born 5 November 1919

Each of them was for many years independently gathering information and in doing so they
sometimes met each other in a town hall, a church archive, etc. and one day they decided to work

From what I have gathered from correspondence it was decided that from that point in time
      GERRIT was going to concentrate on the family tree,
      PIETER  was going to look for the origin of the family coat of arms and
      KLAAS CORNELIS  was going to gather all the information of the three of them and type it out
      with multiple copies, so that all three would get a copy of everything  that was known.

The data from approx 1980 have in the main been gathered by me, K Spaander, from personal
interviews and correspondence.

Additions to the data of the four Spaanders mentioned above have been made from a publication
by Mr O Schutte "The older generations of the Spaander family" 1966 and from two publications by
Mr K Kramer, viz. "Genealogie Spaander (I) Wormer, Durgerdam 1996" and  "Genealogie Spaander (II) West-Friesland 1997". A third publication "Genealogie Spaander (III) Jisp/Volendam - Zaanstreek" is still in the making.

               None of the data, either from before or after 1980, have been verified by me.

Where data from the four Spaanders and from Mr Schutte were different from those in the two
publications of Mr Kramer, the latter data have been regarded as correct, except in a few cases,
and the data that were different have been placed between brackets. The reason for this is that as
the original data were verified by Mr Kramer (preface in publication no.1), those data have a better chance of being correct than the original data.

I like to thank the many Spaanders who have made it possible to compile this book by giving me
access to the data and photo's in their possession and by sending me additional- as well as more
up to date information.


home address :  96 Crystal Downs Dr   Blackmans Bay   Tas   Australia  7052
Email address :  spaander@tadaust.org.au

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